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posted : Saturday, February 26, 2011
title : Lachlan's Birthday
Today was great, a 7 year old's birthday was still great. I woke up this morning & decided to make some changes. Instead of being so distracted, I set up a table and a chair in an empty room, well it's overlooking from the balcony so whatever. It actually helped. I studied then watched the movie of to kill a mocking bird because I'm so behind on the book, I thought it'd be a good idea to cheat. There's so much homework it's not even funny anymore.

Anyway, Lachlan's mum picked me up at 12:30-ish and we went to that M9 place, played two games of Laser Skirmish and of course my team won because they had me, LUL. The food wasn't so great and the service lady person had pms or something, she was all agro and up in everyone's grill. Played DDR after and epicly failed although it's super fun!

We arrived at Thanh's house later. Brandon & I decided to skate to his house to get our homework. It was extremely tiring, but fun at the same time. Skated some more, and then when it got dark Bryan was rollerblading. Someone said "Hey let's go ice skating" as a joke, then everyone agreeed to it, so we went. How random. I saw Zac and Michael there & hung out with them. Zac and I were ghosting people HAW HAW. Then he told the Dj lady that it was both of our birthdays so she announced it in the mic. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ZAC AND ANNABELLE" Made my day :')

posted : Wednesday, February 2, 2011
title : Takashi
So today we had jap exchange students come in. Some of the girls were extremely pretty WOAH. They were all 17 and the guy was CUTE WOAHWHAJAJSJ, unlike last time LOL. Krissy and I went up to him and talked to him but it was really awkward.

They had to introduce themselves during assembly infront of the whole of secondary & they all said "g'day" I can't get over how cute they all are. They're all so small & ADORABLE! I want one so bad :(

posted : Tuesday, February 1, 2011
title : First day at school
OMG I think i am in love with school. H Block now has gigantor Mac desktops. EKASJA DEY R SO COOL. I want to marry them, and the desks! :3 They're swirly. Well today I had my basketball tryouts, 40 degrees and they make us play? the hell? Anyway it was fun.

Started off the day with muster, christian studies, science with FORTUIN DAMN I actually learnt something! Then P.E with Legge, best teacher ever. We're gonna have prac for the rest of the term :3

Went to livo after school and bought new shoes, also shoes for Brandon LOL & ate there too. Time to kick back and relax.

I also love the new keychains on my bag :D

posted : Monday, January 31, 2011
title : Mother
My grandpa tried to bribe me into going to work early with $50, no it didn't work. I was way too tired. Anyway, at the end of the day, I went courts with Brandon. & considering I had mother today I CANNOT SLEEP RIGHT NOW OMG AND I HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW WSJFIASLGKFJASKFJ

posted : Sunday, January 30, 2011
title : 28th to today
Basically I haven't wrote about these days because nothing has happened. Well a few short things, my hand is getting worse & school is in two days. Yay (:

posted : Thursday, January 27, 2011
title : Doctors
So today I went to the doctors to get my hand checked up. Nothing too serious. Just inflamed ligaments and a damaged nerve. But if it doesn't get better by next week, I have to come back.

& NTS: take meds.

posted : Wednesday, January 26, 2011
title : You could say Productive
Last night i fell asleep downstairs while watching 20/20 7 wonders. It was amazing, but other than that I HAD A FAN. OMG, best. I slept till about 10, then got ready and went to the bus stop. I made sure I left early so I didn't miss it this time, and the bus didn't come. omg, so I waited and waited, thinking it was going to arrive late or something like that. After half an hour I assumed it wasn't going to come, so i just sat there in the scorching heat waiting for the next one. THEN IT RAINED. a bit.
What a lovely way to start my day.

When I went to get some easy way, Danica called out my name. At first I couldn't remember who she was then she said "you don't remember do you? Johnny's party?" Then I chucked one of those "OHHHHHHH's". Like when you finally realise something. Yeah, he had her hair up so she looked different. Then she asked me if i was going out with Oscar. WAT.

Today was pretty productive though, I managed to catch up on the homework and I'm starting to read again. I realised I haven't finished my other book, almost done though, hopefully I'll finish it before school starts.

Itunes card bookmark. Best.

posted : Tuesday, January 25, 2011
title : Another Sleepless Night
Considering my room has been overtaken, i had to sleep on the floor outside in the living room. It was extremely scary because it was dark and i had a good view of the scary room. Other than that, It was far too hot. No aircon OR a fan. I had to rely on water to keep me cool. Does. Not. Work.

When I finally managed to get to sleep, a few hours later I was woken up by my grandpa. I don't even know what he was doing. So I went downstairs to get some water & both my grandparents were up. All nighter? LOL but they had aircon so I don't even know why they're awake. Went back up stairs and I still couldn't sleep.

I started pictochatting with myself. Then I hopped on msn to see who was still on. Luckily Ej wes still up, at 2-3 something in the morning? LOL well I talked to him for a bit until the weather cooled down then I went to sleep.

I am actually looking forward to school. We have that new building with all the Mac desktops and it better be good because I freaking paid hundreds
Towards that building. Oh & NTS get jap books. Don't know if I should try out for basketball. Probably will.

Oh AND i finally did it. I moved all my previous proj. 365 posts to this page. Took a while but whatever.

& Skin is getting a lot worse

posted : Monday, January 24, 2011
title : Farewell to Michael & Kofi

So today we said our farewells to Michael & Kofi as they head back to Denmark. It was really sad knowing that I won't be seeing them for another 5+ years probably.

So in the morning, I missed my bus & considering I found my DS, i played Zelda for a good 45 minutes, I had to start a new game because I didn't know what the hell I was supposed to do, and the beginning of the game is SO BORING.

I also named myself Mother because I'm funny like that.

Well after I got to Cabramatta, Thanh took Brandon, Alex, Anthony, Michael, Kofi, Uncle Snow and myself to Yum Cha. It was the one on the other side of Cabramatta. I don't like that one that much because it doesn't have as much food as the other Yum Cha's in Cabramatta.

When I got home I watched this video which i laughed till' i could not breathe. ITS ASJFKASHFJASHFJASHjfH HILARIOUS.

posted :
title : Lucid Dreaming
This morning, I have continued my boring studies about "Lucid dreaming" mainly because inception brought it up. It's quite fasciating though. If you don't know what it is, it's simply the ability to know you're dreaming while in a dream, therefore you can do pretty much whatever you want.

That would just be awesome. There are instructions on how to start lucid but Last time I researched this, I gave up cos I got scared. Some people say you could possibly not wake up. Others have claimed to have near death experiences such as somewhat "leaving their bodies" or "floating on top of their bed" which is the main reason I don't want to do it.

Anyway, I should go get ready and head out

Oh and I think I'll just continue my 365 project here, I can't be bothered putting all the previous posts here

posted : Sunday, January 23, 2011
title : The thing about blogspot
It makes me feel like I'm talking to myself. Oh well, Hello to future me who reads this. I saw my posts from before and now I see what a retard I was back then. Anyway, the only reason why I'm on blogspot is because I'm going to shift my proj. 365 to this site. I think it would be easier, considering no one reads it anyway. But yes.

I haven't finished editing my template yet because I got kicked off the laptop. Now I am posting this from my phone. Oh what joy my iPhone brings me. When school starts I'll have to lock my phone away after school because I really don't know how to control myself. I told myself I'll actually start paying attention this year but I don't know how well that will go. Anyway, a new year, a fresh start. 2011

Right now I am on my way to Thanh's house for Michael & Kofi's farewell party

That's what the sunset looks like. & yes, i stuck my head out & i also almost dropped my phone LOL

The sunset was amazing & yes that's my house, now go stalk me. They're really bad quality photo's because my camera isn't too good and we were moving. 

posted : Saturday, January 22, 2011
title : Just Pho and stuff

Also the day Thanh gave us a lecture about boys. Will. Never. Forget. LOL

posted : Friday, January 21, 2011
title : hory shyt.
I saw my first flying cockroach. It flew right past me JHFAHSJFAHWFHJASHF. They are so disgusting and hairy and JFAFSKA

posted : Thursday, January 20, 2011
title : The day i became T-Pain

Tokbox w/ Kristine & Aldn

Just tlkin 2 sum ov mah h0mi3z

posted : Wednesday, January 19, 2011
title : Inception

There are FOUR fingers. & it’s not my hand. I have a ghost in my room.
I still got tripped out the second time I watched Inception. Mal's a bitch.

posted : Tuesday, January 18, 2011
title : My Future?

Today, nothing really happened. Hung out at Alex's. Although I started to think about my future. 
Yes I have thought about it. But it never really bothered me, because I’d always thought “I’ll make up my mind when I get there”. But what if I still can’t make a decision?
When is the right time to decide what you want to be when you grow up? When is the point where it’s too late?
Yes, I still haven’t decided. I keep changing my mind. Am I scared? A little.
It never really hit me until now. Where will I be in 10, 20 years time? Will I be successful? Will my friends and I still be close?
I don’t know, but whatever I’ll be doing then, hopefully I’ll just be happy.

posted : Monday, January 17, 2011
title : The Deal

Swam, games, ate pizza. Brian’s mini tantrums are really scaring me. Cos we’re all ganging up on him OMG LOL

Today I made a deal with Brandon that after school we have to finish our homework before we play games, go on the computer or do anything else. Let's see how long that will last for

posted : Sunday, January 16, 2011
title : PJ's Birthday + Wagaya
Started the day by going to a beach near cronulla. We celebrated Pj's birthday and swam/ate/built sand castles and all that.

Straight when we came home, Tu told everyone to shower as we were going out to dinner, we headed to the city and ate at Wagaya because Brandon had never been there before.

posted : Saturday, January 15, 2011
title :

Yeah Alex decided to draw a mustache on my face? Don’t think that worked out. Well today, we went to the shops, bankstown h@bibz, to buy spades and buckets for the beach tomorrow.

Then went for a swim & that’s pretty much my day.

posted : Friday, January 14, 2011
title : Kitten's are getting bigger

Why do we even have cat's. I hate cats. Kittens are okay though, they're cute enough